Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - Upper Yellowstone River -
Above Yellowstone Lake
Unless you cross Yellowstone Lake and head up the river as far as you can go (not
very far), you will have to hike a long way or ride a horse a long way to fish this section
of the park. We have been in the area only twice so I am certainly no expert to write
about it. There are several trials that lead into the area.

The river actually starts outside the park and flows into it from the South. It is
approximately 30 miles to the north before it enters Yellowstone Lake. That means
about 30 miles, actually more because it meanders across meadows in many areas, of
river is not accessible otherwise. The upper part of the river generally has only small
cutthroats. Some of the meadow sections can have some large ones at the right time of
the year. August is one of the best times to fish the upper Yellowstone River because
the water levels are normally in good shape and the bitting bugs, which are plentiful in
the meadow sections, are thinning out by mid August.

This isn't an area we recommend strictly from a fish catching standpoint. You would
most likely catch plenty of them but no more than many other easy to access streams
in the park. It is more of an adventure than anything. You would be fishing water than is
rarely fished. I venture to say most of it isn't fished at all in any one year.

If you do want to travel into the upper Yellowstone area, I would suggest you do so with
at least one experienced person. The best way would be to spend several days on a
horse back trip or extended backcountry backpacking expedition with an outfitter.
Another option is too cross the lake by boat and camp, hiking into other areas but you
will not be in the best water you could be in. Either way, you would be experiencing
something very few anglers have experienced.

If you decide a backpacking or horseback fishing expedition is just the thing you want
to do, then this would be a good choice. Otherwise, you would be much better off
fishing other sections of the Yellowstone River that we will be writing about the next
three days.

Copyright 2010 James Marsh