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Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Lamar River
The Lamar River is another of the prime spots to consider for August. Like its tributary,
Soda Butte Creek, the Lamar River also fishes better the first part of August but fishing
normally remains good throughout the entire month.

The Lamar River starts high in the Absaroka-Beartooth Wilderness and doesn't clear
up until around the first of July during a normal year. The river is approximately forty
miles long and out of its length, only about 5 miles are heavily fished. That would be
the area just downstream of the confluence of Soda Butte Creek. Upstream of that
point there is little pressure on the fish. Below the five mile stretch, or below the turn-off
to Slough Creek, the river also receives little pressure. You would think that the best
fishing lies within the heavily fished area but that isn't necessarily the case. It is just
that the access is very easy. You can just park along the road that leads along the
Lamar River anywhere and make a short walk down to the river. You have to walk
farther to access its other much larger sections.

The hatches continue well into August and reduce in intensity towards the end of the
month but there are still plenty of insects to interest the trout on into the first of
September. Terrestrials are the most used flies during August. Imitations of ants,
beetles and grasshoppers work great the entire month.

Our suggestion is to get away from the main road access areas and fish upstream the
confluence of Soda Butte Creek. By hiking about three to five miles above Soda Butte,
you will find more cutthroat trout and more importantly, fish that have been rarely cast
at if ever. The fish average a slightly smaller size the farther upstream you travel but
they are plentiful and very willing. Cache, Miller and Cold creeks also fish well but
require long hikes or horse back trips with outfitters.

You should place the Lamar River high on your list of places to consider for fishing in
the park during the month of August.

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