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Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Soda Butte Creek
Soda Butte Creek is another great option for the month of August. The water situation
isn't looking as good as we all would like for it to be this year. The snow pack is ranging
from 65 to 70 percent what it should average. It is enough that droughts are not
expected and very warm water conditions similar to what existed a few summers ago
probably want come about but the water will probably be on the low side.

Soda Butte Creek, a tributary of the Lamar River, is a cold creek because it flows from
a high area of mountains down through one of the most beautiful valleys in the World.
The water isn't normally fishable until about the first or second week in July. It is  
heavily fished during the last part of the month of July and most of August. There are
really two basic types of water in Soda Butte - the meadows where the stream
meanders back and forth with undercut banks on one side and sand bars on the other,
and the smaller, fast water headwater type stream with lots of riffles and runs.

The entire creek has plenty of cutthroat trout but the larger ones are found in the
meadows which are in the lower section of the creek. The upper headwater section
consist mostly of fast water. The upper section has lots of smaller cutts ranging from 9
to 14 inches with an occasional one larger than that. In the lower section of the stream,
the cutts probably average 14 and go up to and even over 18. The problem with them,
especially during the last part of August, is that they become so used to being cast at
they become more difficult to catch. You have to start paying attention to details and
hiding from them (isn't easy in open meadows). You will need to use better
presentations and doing so will still get plenty of nice ones for you to fight.

The lower section is more susceptible to becoming too warm than the upper part. One
section of the creek called Ice Box Canyon, rarely gets warm enough for good fishing,
much less too warm. The upper section is not crowded and provides some excellent
small stream fishing.

Make sure you put Soda Butte Creek on your list of streams inside the park to consider
for the month of August.

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