Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Fall and Bechler Rivers
The Fall and Bechler Rivers both flow from the Southwest Corner of the park in an
area not frequented as much as most of the other sections of the park, with maybe the
exception of the Southeast. It isn't located near much of anything and takes a good
while to travel there. It is one of the better destinations for fishing in the park during the
month of August though.

The Fall River is fairly large when it exits the park because it also contains the water
from its tributary the Bechler River along with several other small streams. It gets its
name from the water falls or cascades along its course. The Bechler also has plenty of
water falls with twelve along its trail. Unlike many areas of the park, it flows through
some very large meadows and is quite open in many areas. The Bechler meadows also
contains some very nice size trout. This area of the park receives over 80 inches of
rainfall which is more than most other areas. Much of the Bechler area is under water
during the spring and early part of the month of July. It also has a few bugs and I am
not talking about the aquatic type although it has plenty of them too. I am talking about
the biting type. Normally, by the middle of August the bug situation is not that bad.

Many of the trout are hybrids or cuttbows. There are some rainbows and some
cutthroat trout but they are mostly found in the headwaters. The Falls River is easy to
fish but again, most of the trout are eager cutts. The larger trout in the Bechler
Meadows are not that easy to come by. The open fields don't provide any cover and it
takes longer, more accurate cast using lighter tippets than the usual to fool the trout
but they are certainly catchable. They just aren't pushovers. The water is very clear,
the pools are deep and the trout are going to get a good look at your flies. This is one
stream you will find our Perfect Fly imitations pay off well.

We can recommend the second part of August as an excellent choice for fishing the
Bechler Meadows. It should be one of the prime places to consider for August fishing in
the park.


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