Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Middle River

The Middle River is one of the streams in the park that for some unknown and known
reasons is fished very little. First of all, it flows out of the park from a very rugged area
and then along the East Entrance Road coming in from Cody, Wyoming. I'm not certain
how many enter the park using that entrance but it is far less than some of the other
entrances. Of course when most visitors get to the park, they want to see it and
therefore pass right by the Middle River which isn't that visible from the road although it
is very close to it. Another reason it is fished little is because the Shoshone River runs
along the highway all the way from Cody offering larger fish and plenty of opportunities.
It too is fished very little in comparison to many other streams in the area.

August is a good time to fish this stream. We haven't been there when the water was
too warm to fish and I doubt it ever gets that way. It is usually very cold and it does fish
well in August.

There's another reason that it is little fished. It has a reputation for its grizzly bears.
Although we have never spotted one there, there are for sure some that exist in the
area but I'm not convinced the odds are greater there than anywhere else in the park.
There is less human activity and it is always brought up when you mention the Middle
River for some reason. We don't worry about it. I hope those are not famous last words
because I intend to fish it this August.

The stream is full of large brook trout and small cutthroats. Now I know that isn't what
many of you want to come to Yellowstone for but it is a place you can stop and spend a
few hours and be assured you will catch plenty of trout. You can also reach it from the
upper Yellowstone River in the Yellowstone Lake area fairly quickly if you are in that
area of the park.