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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Slough Creek

Slough Creek would be one of the best choices for the month of August. The earlier
part of the month is probably a little better than the end of the month but even the end
of the month can be great. The big deal with fishing Slough Creek is usually to go to
the second or third meadows rather than the first or the lower section that is often
crowded. Now that I have said that, that doesn't mean the second or third one won't be
crowded. I just give them slightly better odds of not being. Anytime a stream is
crowded, it means one thing. The fishing is good.

The reason I say the first of August is usually better than the end of the month, is
because of the fishing pressure on the cutthroat. They get a little tougher to catch as
the month goes by. After all, they have been cast at for at least most of July. It may
seem a little strange and even funny to some of you that I just said a cutthroat could be
more difficult to catch. They are thought of as being easy, or pushovers. That may be
the case at first, but you will find as time goes by and they are pressured day in and
day out, they do get more difficult to catch. They spook much easier. Even so, as long
as you stay well hidden and make good presentations, you can fool them into taking
your fly.

We have also done very well in the lower section of Slough Creek during August even
when there are a lot of anglers beating the water up fairly regularly. Many anglers
spook themselves more than the trout when they see someone else on the stream they
are about to fish. If you do that, then maybe Slough Creek isn't the best choice for you.
That would include any other stream that is known for its good fishing.

If you are fishing during the month of August, Slough Creek would be a stream you
would want to consider and as you will see in the next few articles, there are others in
the same neck of the woods that also fish well in August in comparison to other
streams in Yellowstone National Park.