Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Grayling Creek

I keep listing and writing about Grayling Creek as if it was a major stream in
Yellowstone National Park when it isn't. Never-the-less, I have caught some major trout
out of it - no, not the huge ones, just the smaller trout. I learned many years ago that
there is a lot more to fishing than the size of the fish. It did take several blue and black
marlin, huge shark, tuna, bass and a few years for me to learn that but now, I am just
as happy with one of the smaller cutbows in Grayling Creek jumping across the little
stream in front of a moose as I am catching a steelhead.

Grayling usually provides continuous action that you can have all too yourself yet do
so from a few feet of highway #191. In a few minutes or an hour, Angie and I have
always been able to prove we can still catch trout even though we may have spent the
last hour somewhere else fishless.

The stream does have some fair size trout in it. You do get a surprise every once in a
while. It is the numbers that make up for the size however. We have caught as many as
twenty or thirty trout in an hour or two and then moved on to bigger things. Now, that I
have said that, let me also say it seems to slow down some towards the end of August
just like the nearby Gallatin River, although they have nothing to do with each other.
July is excellent, the first part of August the same, and when everything else in the park
seems to pick back up at the end of August, Grayling seems to slow down a little.

I wouldn't suggest you make Grayling Creek you prime reason for visiting Yellowstone
in August by any means, but I would suggest that if you are traveling down highway
#191 that you stop along the creek somewhere and give it a try.

Attractor flies seem to work great on Graryling Creek but even so, you are always
better off if you can match what is hatching. In August that will mostly be caddisflies.
The later in the day you fish, the better off your will probably be.