Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Gallatin River

The Gallatin River, one of the coldest in the Yellowstone National Park, fishes very well
during the hot month of August. It is best the first part of August. For some reason I
have yet to understand, the fishing seems to slow down the later part of August when
you would think it would be picking up like the other streams in the park. It could be all
the pressure the stream gets during July. It is heavily fished then and the first part of
August. The reason is simple. It is easy to access and it produces large number of
trout. Highway #191 runs along side it most of the way. Its tributary streams and
headwaters also fish good the month of August but the trout are on the small side as
with any other water of this type.

The water temperature seems to never get too warm, even when the water is low and
the air temperatures rise into the nineties during the day. I think the trout get used to
seeing humans and fleeing for the nearest cover and just become more difficult to
catch during the later part of August. There are fewer hatches that take place in
August than there are in July, and that also affects the fishing.

The most reliable hatches are the various caddisflies. Spotted Sedges are the most
plentiful but there are several other species that hatch in August. The fishing is usually
better late in the day, after the sun has set. The egg layers are busy depositing their
eggs and some species are hatching when the sun sets and on into the evening, for
that matter. If you fish the caddisfly hatch, stay very late. If you leave early, you will
miss the best of it. Fish as late as you can see.

Most of the trout will be in the faster water of the runs or riffles as opposed to the
pools. You may want to fish nymphs and caddis larva fly patterns during the day
provided the surface action slows down.

The Gallatin is certainly worth considering during the month of August, especially if you
are staying on the West side of the park.