Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - August - Gibbon River

The Gibbon River is usually too warm for good fishing the first two or three weeks of
August. Like the Madison, this greatly depends on the previous year's snow pack and
the weather for the first two months of the season. It is okay some years when the
water situation has been very good. If it hasn't, forget fishing the Gibbon in the park
during the first part of August.

Usually by the end of the first couple of weeks in August, there will be some cold fronts
move through the high elevations and bring some cold weather to Yellowstone. The  
Gibbon River usually starts to cool down towards the end of the month. Now keep in
mind, these situations vary from year to year and what I say is normal is not really
normal because
nothing is really ever normal about the weather in Yellowstone
National Park.

The big trout leave the lower Gibbon and head down to Hebgen Lake during the hot
summer. Now that I have said that, that isn't always the case either. Some always do
but not all of them. The ones that don't are probably going to be non-responsive to
your fly. There are always plenty of youngsters that remain in the river though out the
summer but as a general rule, the large ones below the falls move into the lake. When
they start moving back into the river, you want to be there fishing.

The upper part of the river, above the falls, is a completely different thing. It too can
get too warm for good fishing the first part of August, but the fish can still be caught
from the fast water sections. The meadow sections will be come very tough to fish and I
don't recommend them, but the late evening caddis hatches on the fast water sections
can bring some action.

The bottom line is that fishing the last week or two of the Gibbon River in August can
be good. If it is, you would want to get in on the action. Most of the time, it isn't.

What I do recommend is that you keep in close touch with the local West Yellowstone
Fly Shops. They will know what is going on there. It should always be considered if you
want to fish in the park. It has a lot to do with the weather. It may be cold for a week
with snow on the ground or it may be still hot more like July than late August. Sorry, but
that is about the best forecast (I should say lack of forecast) I can give. If anyone else
knows more well in advance of August, you better check them out.