Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Outside Yellowstone National Park - July - Henry's Fork of
the Snake
The Henry's Fork of the Snake is still in its prime during the early part of the month of
July. Not all sections of the river are great though.

The three mile long box canyon is a possibility, but wading can be dangerous,
especially from about the middle of July on. The flows are usually increased during this
period of time. When the flows are up, you can only fish the canyon from a drift boat.
Large nymphs and streamers are usually most effective during this time.

The Harriman State Park is the most popular place on the river in late June, but the
crowds thin out in early July. This is still a great place to fish, especially during early
July. Pale Morning Duns and Flavs, or the Small Western Green Drakes, hatch during
the first two weeks of July continuing the dry fly action. During the last two weeks of the
month of July, hatches of
Callibaetis will continue the dry fly action.

The section below the Riverside Campground can also be good during the first part of
July. There is another canyon section and plenty of fast pocket water to fish with few
anglers to deal with. The tailwater section below Ashton Dam is also good the first part
of July. Later in the month, the flow will increase and shut down the dry fly action.
Streamers and nymphs will work but I wouldn't recommend it over the many other

The bottom line is, you can fish the first couple of weeks of July on the Henry's Fork
and usually have the river to yourself. There is still plenty of dry fly action with the
hatches that takes place.