Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Outside Yellowstone National Park - June - Other Locations
Around Yellowstone National Park

There are many other locations in and around Yellowstone National Park that can
become fishable during the month of June. There are some streams you don't want to
consider unless you happen to be in the area and know for a fact the water is in good
condition. I will list some of them and comment about the opportunities for each one.

The Snake River (National Park to South Fork of the Snake)
The Snake River is usually not fishable during the month of June due to the runoff. It is
usually about the second week of July before the river clears in the Jackson Hole and
Grand Teton National Park area.

Shoshone River:
The Shoshone Rivers North and South Forks from the park to Cody do not usually
become clear and within their banks until about the middle of June. Sometimes it is the
first of July. This would be a hit and miss situation but fishing is possible past the
middle of the month of June.

Yellowstone River:
The Yellowstone River from the park boundary downstream is usually experiencing the
spring runoff in June. It starts about the middle of May and continues on until the first of
July during some years. It is possible it could be clear enough to fish past the middle of
June, but it would be hit or miss, and probably mostly miss.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin River outside the park is always in the middle of the Spring runoff the first
of the month of June. It is possible it will clear before the first of July, but it usually
doesn't. The Taylor's Fork, a small tributary stream, usually adds a lot of muddy water
to the river. The option of fishing the Gallatin in late June is possible, but highly unlikely
and not recommended.