Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - Middle Yellowstone River
(Yellowstone Grand Canyon Below the Falls)

The Yellowstone River in the Yellowstone Grand Canyon below the falls, is a very
rough section of the park about fifteen miles long that is extremely difficult to get to.
When you do, it provides great fishing most of the time and especially in late July.

The lower part of the Grand Canyon section can be accessed from the bridge where
the Northeast Entrance road crosses the Yellowstone River about a half mile from
Tower Junction. You can only fish a short section up or down on either side of the river
in that location.

The middle part of the canyon cannot be fished due to the steep canyon walls. You
cannot go up or down the river in the area. The uppermost part near the two waterfalls,
is closed due to dangerous conditions. The first point that it can be reached is at what
is called the 7 Mile Hole. The river is about 1300 feet below the point it can be
accessed and requires a 5 mile hike even though the access to this portion of the river
is called the 7 mile hole. The Seven Mile Hole trail is located on Inspiration Point Road
at the Glacial Boulder Trailhead. Backcountry permits can be obtained for those
interested in spending the night in the canyon. It is a tough trip to get in and out the
same day but many do just that.

The river normally has lots of fast water during the month of July. There are many huge
boulders that create the pocket water. The cutthroat trout average from 12 to 16
inches and there are usually plenty of them. There are usually both Salmonflies and
Golden Stoneflies hatching in the canyon during the month of July, mostly from the
middle to the end of the month.

Those anglers that don't mind doing a little hiking in rough terrain should enjoy fishing
this section of the Yellowstone River in July from either the 7 Mile Hole or the bridge
near Tower. Broad Creek is a tributary to the river but you have to make a 14 mile hike
to fish it. It has plenty of cutthroat trout for those who will tackle the trip. You can also
access the Yellowstone River (about a mile of it) via Agate Creek. It too requires plenty
of hiking. The Sulphur Beds Trail also allows you the opportunity to fish almost 3 miles
of the East bank of the Yellowstone River.