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Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - Soda Butte Creek

Soda Butte Creek, one of the most beautiful trout streams in the country, is also one of
the better destinations in Yellowstone National Park during the month of July. It usually
clears up and becomes warm enough to fish by the first of July. It's also one of the
most popular destinations during July.

Soda Butte actually starts outside the park and flows into the Northeast corner. The
Northeast entrance highway follows along the creek for most of its way to the Lamar
River. It is broken into two major types of water. One is small stream pocket water,
consisting of pools, riffles and runs, and the other is the slow to moderate meadow
stream type of water that flows between long pools connected with short riffles.
Although both types of water contain plenty of trout, mostly cutthroats, the meadow
sections contain the largest fish.

Most anglers will stick with the lower meadow sections. The stream is far longer than
the road that follows along because it winds back and forth across the meadows.
Often, the meadows are covered with herds of buffalo and parts of the stream are
difficult to fish for them. You may have to keep an eye over your shoulder. The fish
tend to average about ten to fourteen inches but there are some much larger. The
area near the Lamar River usually contains the largest trout.

When the creek first becomes fishable, the cutthroats are fairly easy to catch. As the
pressure increases and the fish see more and more anglers every day, they become
harder to catch. This usually happens in August or September. Most of the month of
July, they are very easy to catch.

The trout in the uppermost fast water sections of the creek are smaller, but there are
plenty of them and they see far less pressure. Parts of the upper sections are rarely
fished, especially the Ice Box Canyon. It is a deep canyon that sees little sunshine
throughout most of the day. The area above the last bridge nearest the Northeast
Entrance is rarely fished although it is usually full of small to medium cutthroats. It can
provide almost continuous action.

Hatches of several types and species of aquatic insects take place during July in Soda
Butte Creek, including the large Green Drake mayflies. There are plenty of stoneflies
and caddisflies also. Pale Morning Duns are very plentiful and are present throughout
the month.

If you plan on fishing the meadow sections, you better get there early or you may find
yourself fishing used water. There are plenty of the faster sections of the stream that
can be fished without pressure from other anglers.

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