Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - Fall and Bechler Rivers

The Fall and Bechler Rivers are both located in the Southwest Section of the park. The
area is rarely fished by visiting anglers, yet it provides excellent fishing at times. Both of
these rivers are rather large streams.

The best area of the Bechler River is its meadows which lies a good ways from road
access. The meadows are about four miles long. The river meanders back and forth
with some small willows and brush along its banks but few trees. The trout are rainbows
and cutthroats that probably only average about ten to twelve inches but there are
some much larger that can be caught.

The best way to catch trout from the Bechler Meadows is to sight fish for them. The
water is usually gin clear and the fish can be easily spotted. They spook very easy and
getting a good presentation without spooking them isn't all that easy to do. When you
do, you are usually rewarded with a good trout.

Remember to carry plenty of bug spray because the insects can be a problem in the
meadows. It is probably a good idea to carry some bear spray along also.

The Bechler River's fast water sections contain plenty of stoneflies. Its meadows will
have some very good hatches of both Brown and Green Drakes during July. There will
also be plenty of Pale Morning Duns. Imitations of terrestrial insects should also work,
especially later in the month of July.

The Fall River gets its name from its many cascades or waterfalls. The South Boundary
Trail follows the general direction of the river but in most areas it is far from the trail.
Access to its best fishing isn't that easy. You can access the lower section from Cave
Falls. Its trout are rainbows and cutthroats.

Stoneflies, both Goldens and Yellow Sallies, should be hatching during July. There will
also be plenty of PMDs, and Green Drakes. Most of the water is fast, pocket water or
sections of long runs and riffles.

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