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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - DeLacy, Nez Perce and
Other Misc. Small Streams

July is a great time to fish the many small streams of Yellowstone National Park. They
will receive little pressure from anglers and are usually great places to catch plenty of
trout under solitude conditions. Most of the small streams are clear of ice by the first of
July and as soon as the water warms up a little the fishing will be as good as it will get
all season. There are numerous such small streams in the park.

One of the little fished and easy ones to access is DeLacy Creek. It runs from DeLacy
Lakes, which lies just beneath the continental divide in the Southwest corner of the
park, to Shoshone Lake. The DeLacy Creek Trail follows close to it on its three mile
route from the Grand Loop Road to Shoshone Lake. The trout are almost all brook
trout. The stream is small near the highway but gets larger the closer it gets to the lake.

Another small stream that has some nice size fish on occasions is Nez Perce Creek. It
is a tributary of the Firehole River. Often, when the water gets very warm in the
Firehole River, its trout move into the cooler water of Nez Perce Creek. The best area
to fish is about two miles from the road in a section of meadows. The stream meanders
back and forth through the meadows averaging between fifteen and twenty-five feet
wide. The areas that flow through wooded sections have lots of logs that have fallen in
the creek. These are prime holding areas for brown trout. Most of the trout are browns
but there is an occasional brook or rainbow trout to be caught there.

The Gallatin River has some small tributary streams that are also great places to fish
during the month of July. Bacon Rind Creek, Fan Creek and Specimen Creek all three
are fine little streams that receive little pressure. There are plenty of others and we will
be covering some of them in other sections.

Imitations of the terrestrial insects, beetles, ants and grasshoppers, usually work great
in these small streams.

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