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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - Slough Creek

Slough Creek is a prime July destination for many anglers. There are three basic
sections in the uppermost part of the creek, all of which can become crowded during
July. The lower section of the river, below the campground, can also become crowded.
There is a good reason for the crowds. The fishing can be excellent. Slough Creek can
clear up in late June and the fishing can be great the entire month of July.

There are in essence four main meadow sections of Slough Creek. The upper part has
three that are referred to as the first, second and third meadows. The second and third
meadows are separated by a short section of fast water that runs through timber. The
first and second meadows are also separated by a section of fast water that flows
through timber. The lower meadow is separated from the first upper meadow by a mile
and a half section of fast water.

The upper section of meadows contains cutthroat trout only. The lower meadow
contains mostly cutthroat trout but there are also some rainbows and cutbows mixed in
with them. The trout are going to become more difficult to catch as the month goes by.
They do get pressured heavily but that doesn't mean you can't catch your fair share of
beautiful, large cutthroat trout. Just be prepared to do some hiking to get to the best
parts of the stream.

At the first of the month, you will probably find some PMDs hatching. There are also
plenty of stoneflies including Yellow Sallies, Golden Stoneflies and Salmonflies in the
lower section of Sough Creek. Later in the month, terrestrials will work great. Imitations
of ants, beetles and grass hoppers become favorite flies to target the cutthroat in the
upper meadows. This is mostly sight fishing.

If you plan on going to the first or second meadows, you should get an early start in the
morning to have plenty of time to get there before the action begins. The best fishing
takes place later in the day after the water has warmed up some. Hiking to the third
meadow and back the same day would consist of a lot of hiking and little fishing.

If you can put up with the crowds of anglers, and you enjoy sight fishing, you couldn't
select a better destination than Slough Creek in July. Don't forget the bug spray. The
insects can be thick, especially during the early part of the month.

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