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When to Come and What To Expect:

Fly Fishing: Yellowstone National Park - July - Lewis River

The Lewis River begins at Shoeshone Lake and flows from there into Lewis Lake. From
Lewis Lake the river flows a few miles, then over Lewis Falls, then through a slow or
moderate water area, and finally through a deep canyon. It joins the Snake River near
the south end of the park. Its waters range from high water falls and cascades to
smooth, moderately flowing sections. The Lewis River Channel is a three mile long
section that flows between Lewis Lake and Shoeshone Lake. It contains mostly brown
trout but there are lake trout in the channel on occasions.

This river isn't clear or warm enough to fish until the first week of July most years. The
fishing can be good during the month of July though. The water that flows between the
falls and the canyon is wide, smooth flowing water. It flows along the road that leads
into the park from the South Entrance. The section between Lewis Lake and the
smooth water section can fish okay during July. The lower canyon section also
produces during the month of July. These are really three completely different types of

There are some brook trout and large browns that are difficult to catch in the smooth
section of the river. In the lower section of the canyon, cutthroat trout will begin to

Quite frankly, we haven't found the fishing in the Lewis River to come up to many
others areas of the park but that doesn't necessarily mean you shouldn't fish there. It
has its advantages, one of which is the lack of fishing pressure. The fish in the lower
canyon section are plentiful and easy to catch and exist in an area that few anglers
venture into. The brown trout that come into the channel between the lakes can be
huge. There are also some very large browns in the smooth section between the
bridge on the South Entrance Road and the canyon. They are just not easy to catch.
Other than the early Fall, the month of July is the best month to fish the Lewis River.

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