Planning Your Fly-fishing Trip To Yellowstone
...........................  ......................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Before you travel to Yellowstone National Park for a fly fishing adventure, we think it would be a good
idea for you to spend a little time on this section of our website. The information we are providing is
totally unbiased. We do not own or receive compensation in any form from any fly shop, motel, resort,
recreational facility, campground, travel agency or other entity. The only thing we ask is that you
consider viewing our instructional DVD on fly-fishing, especially the
"Fly Fishing Yellowstone"
program, and consider using our
"Perfect Flies" wherever you fish. Irrespective of what you choose to
do, we just hope that your trip to Yellowstone is a very enjoyable one for you and your friends and
family. We want to help you in any way we can, so feel free to contact us any time. We will do our best
to help you with your trip.
                                                           James Marsh
Fly Fishing Planning:

Streams Inside Yellowstone National Park:
Inside the Park - When To Come and What To Expect: (month by month)

Nearby Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park
Outside the Park - When To Come and What To Expect: (month by month)

Flies You Will Need: See the "current list of flies needed" link on the Home page
It is updated as the hatches change throughout the season

Fishing License/Regulations:
Fishing Regulations Handbook

Clothing You Will Need:

Where to Stay:
Inside the Park (campgrounds and hotels)
West Yellowstone, Montana
Gardiner, Montana
Cook City, Wyoming
Jackson, Wyoming
Cody, Wyoming

Things To Do Near the Park:
Outdoor Things To Do:
Horse Back Riding
Auto touring
Rock Climbing
White Water Rafting
Historic areas
Bird Watching
Other Fishing

Other Things To Do:
Arts and Crafts

Additional Help:
Call us: 1 - 800 - 594 - 4726

Email us in advance:
4 Hours of Information on fly
fishing Yellowstone National Park
Click DVD For Detailed Info
Gallatin River
James Landing Cutthroat
Hopper Fishing Gallatin River
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