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We have divided the fly fishing waters in
the Yellowstone National Park into (24)
twenty-four streams or watersheds. We
realize that this is only one of  numerous
ways this could be done. By no means
should this be taken to mean the
categories or sections of waters as we
have listed them are equal. They are not
equal in any respect. The exception to
this is the Yellowstone River. It's broken
into four parts within the park. This is
because there are four distinctly different
sections of the stream in the park.

Tributary Streams:
Most of these watersheds have tributary
streams, some of which are
comparatively large. These tributary
streams are included along with the
watershed streams. Irrespective of how
you categorize them, we are covering all
of the streams in the park one could
rightly call major fishable waters for trout.

Stream Size:
Occasionally we will say “small, medium
and large” when we are describing
some of the streams. By that we mean
small, medium or large compared to
other streams in Yellowstone National
Park. For example, the Yellowstone River
is a large stream and DeLacy Creek is a
small stream.

Trout Size:
You will also hear us refer to the trout as
small, medium and large. By that we
mean small, medium or large as
compared to the “other trout in the park”,
not other trout nationwide. For example,
a small rainbow would be one less than
ten inches long, a medium size rainbow
one that is ten to fourteen inches long
and large size rainbow is one that is
fourteen to twenty inches long or even
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This bear seemed more interested
in eating berries than me - thank
goodness. That is usually the case
or I wouldn't be writing this.
A  nice rainbow trout taken on a
PMD spinner. This is about as
exciting as it gets.
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Fly Fishing
Photo your fish:  This way you can show others
the beauty of the fish and other things that make
fly fishing such a pleasure.
Buffalo Jams are common throughout the
park. You should allow for such when you
plan on arriving at a stream a certain time.
You will often have company when you are