Fishing a Slough Creek Cricket
Fly Fishing Slough Creek:
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Fishing Lower Slough Creek.
Riffles are plentiful here.
A small cutthroat form lower Slough
Fishing Slough Creek on a cloudy
Slough Creek has been written about as much as any trout stream we know
of. Over the years it has almost become the symbol of Western Rocky
Mountain trout fishing.

Slough Creek begins about 4 miles outside the park where a series of small
streams flow together. The portion of Slough Creek, inside the park, is a
series of 4 meadows. Most of the stream in the meadow sections is from 20
to 30 feet wide. The Second and Third Meadows are separated by a short
section of fast water flowing through timber. The First Meadow is separated
from the Second Meadow by a mile long stretch of faster water flowing
through timber. The First Meadow is separated from the Lower Meadow by a
section of fast, steep gradient water that flows through a canyon for a mile
and a half.

The fish are cutthroat trout. The Lower Meadow holds some cutbows and
rainbow trout. The fish average 14 to 18 inches with some going over 20
inches. The fish in the riffle and run sections are usually quite a bit smaller.

Access to Slough Creek is via the Slough Creek Road that starts 6 miles east
on the Northeast Entrance Road from Tower Junction. It is two and one-half
miles to the Slough Creek Campground located at the end of the road.

Upper Three Meadows:
The Slough Creek Trailhead that accesses the upper 3 meadows is about 2
miles from the Northeast Entrance Road before you get to the campground. It
is 11 miles from the trailhead to the park boundary. It is about 2 miles to the
first Meadow, 4 miles to the Second Meadow and 8 miles to the Third
Meadow. The First Meadow is the toughest one to reach because you must
hike uphill about 400 feet. It is the only upper meadow that you can
reasonably access on a day trip. The two uppermost meadows would require
an overnight trip to fully enjoy the trip.

Lower Meadow:
Access to the Lower Meadow and the fast water sections of the lower part of
the stream is from parking areas along the Slough Creek Road. Access to
the confluence of Slough Creek with the Lamar River and an area called the
VIP Pool, is from the parking area at the intersection of the Northeast
Entrance Road and Slough Creek Road. It is one-half mile west down the trail
formed by an old roadbed to Slough Creek.

Buffalo Creek:
Buffalo Creek is the only major tributary stream of Slough Creek. It flows into
Slough Creek at the Campground. It is about 5 miles from the campground to
where the stream enters the park. Buffalo Creek is a tough stream to fish due
to the ruggedness of the terrain it flows through. The fish are rainbow trout
that are small averaging about 8 to 12 inches.

Fishing Slough Creek requires some careful thought and planning. The First
and Lower Meadows are the only ones that you can feasibly fish during a day
trip. The upper two meadows require an overnight trip. The entire stream is
usually crowded during the prime season.

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