PH meter:
In the late 70's I fished the
professional B.A.S.S.circuit. I
remember meeting Dr. Hill, an
avid bass angler who invented  
the electronic pH meter that you
mounted on your bass boat. It
gave an instant readout on the
pH of the water. Anglers
thought they had a new
instrument that was a big key in
finding bass. I believe Darrel
Lowrance (Lowrance
Electronics) was the one who
first introduced it for Dr. Hill.
I did not know a competing
angler that was not given one
or didn't purchase one. We
knew the best pH for bass was
slightly alkaline so in the 3 day
practice period we would run all
over the lake the tournament
was held on looking for water
with a high pH. The plan was to
eliminate the water with the
lower than preferred pH. In
almost all of the lakes we
fished from coast to coast, the
problem with the new pH meter
soon became obvious. We
could find no bad water. It all
had an acceptable pH level. I
guess that is why Dr. Hill's or
Darrel Lowrance's pH meter is
not around today.
I don't think it will help you to
catch trout by going all over the
park measuring the pH of the
water. It will help you to
understand the role  pH plays
in the streams trout and aquatic
insects habitat.  It will also help
you to understand one of the
problems marine biologists are
confronted with in their efforts to
restore the native species to
their original habitat.
pH Scale: