Fly Fishing Pelican Creek:
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Looking over lower Pelican Creek.
Pelican Creek.
Other than the Yellowstone River, Pelican Creek is the largest tributary stream of Yellowstone Lake. It enters the lake on its
north shore. Pelican Creek is a winding meadow stream.

The stream crosses the East Entrance Highway that leads to Fishing Bridge. The Pelican Creek Trailhead is located three
miles east of Fishing Bridge. The trail takes you through Pelican Valley which consist of open meadows. The valley is treeless
but also prime grizzly bear country.

The fish in Pelican are mostly spawning cutthroats from Yellowstone Lake. They move into the stream during the month of June
and back into the lake by August.

There are two major problems with Pelican Creek. One is the whirling disease which has taken its toll in the past and the other
is problem as with all Yellowstone Lake tributaries, is the lake trout.

Keep in mind that Pelican Creek and its tributaries are closed to fishing.

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Notice the "No Fishing" sign