Big Brown Trout love damselfly
Nymphs. Try them when there
is no hatch to match.
Other Aquatic Insects:
............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Damselfly Nymphs are plentiful
in the Madison River:
Crane Flies:
Crane Flies are fairly abundant in the park's
streams. Trout will definetly feed on them.
Aquatic Beetles:
Aquatic beetles probably exist in every stream in
the park.
Like the dragonfly, damselflies are plentiful in
the park in certain types of streams and all the
lakes. They prefer still to slow moving water.

A Nice rainbow trout caught by Angie very late
in the afternoon (almost dark) on an adult
dragonfly imitation
Copyright 2008 James Marsh
Angie trying to figure things out
on the Firehole River. The
spring creek like water can be
tough to fish at times. There are
so many different species of
aquatic insects in this stream,
matching the hatch is not easy.
The Firehole River is another
prolific Yellowstone stream with
numerous other aquatic insects.
The Madison River provides an
excellent habitat for many
species of aquatic beetles.
Steam rises from the geysers on the Firehole River on a cold October day. The
water temperature can vary greatly depending on where you are taking it. Trout
move throughout the season to adjust to the every changing water temperature.