Angie smiling knowing the next
cast will bring a strike from an
eagar trout.
Fly Fishing The Middle River:
.............................................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
We wonder just why so few
anglers fish the Middle River
. In
four trips to the stream, we have
yet to see another angler on this
Preparing to release a rather
large brook trout from the Middle
River. This river has some very
large size brook trout.
The Middle River, also called Middle Creek, starts on the Absaroka Range
and flows northeast for about five miles inside the park before joining the
North Fork of the Shoshone a couple of miles outside the park.

The Middle River is mostly a high gradient stream in its headwater areas. It
flows through some meadows and timber sections in its lower sections
where the stream's gradient is much less.

The trout are mostly cutthroats that average 9 to 12 inches. Brook trout are
present in the headwaters of the Middle River. The further you travel up the
stream, the steeper it gets.

The Middle River usually clears up from the runoff in late June but this
depends greatly on the snow pack. Although it may be fishable in late June,
normally the best opportunities start in July

The stream can be accessed from the East Entrance Road.  Starting just
inside the park, the road follows the stream closely for a few miles. There
are some designated pull off areas and in some areas you can find places
to park off the highway that are not marked for parking. The stream is
normally near the highway but just out of sight. In most places it only
requires a short hike to reach the stream from the highway. The road leads
away from the stream at the point it heads up the mountain.

This is one of the most overlooked small streams in the park even although
it's located along a major entrance road. Maybe it’s the fact that this area is
known for its grizzly bears that scares anglers aware.

If catching lots of trout from a secluded section of a beautiful Yellowstone
Park stream  (up to 18 inches but most likely 6 to 12) that's easily accessed
is your thing, then this would be an excellent choice anytime during the
month of July. It isn't a prime Yellowstone destination but it's certainly worth
a day of your time.

We do recommend you take along a can of bear spray. Although we doubt
the population of bears is any greater than many other areas of the park, the
Middle River area is usually rather void of  tourist.

Copyright 2012 James Marsh
The beginning of a beaver dam slows the small
freestone stream just enough to create the
perfect pool for brook trout.
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Brook trout are plentiful in the lower section