Marine Species of Trout Food (Crustaceans, Baitfish, etc.)
..............................................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Many species of small fish (bait fish) exist in the varied streams of Yellowstone
National Park. Streamers that represent baitfish, sculpin and other marine
species are usually very effective flies, especially if they are used correctly and
at the right times and places. Fishing them in low light conditions, or during
times that the water is stained from heavy rains, can be productive because it
helps disguise the fake fly enough to fool the trout.

Leeches other marine species that trout feed on are also very plentiful.
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Leeches are common in many
of Yellowstone's streams. This
is a large leech found on a rock
in the Madison River. It's about
6 inches long.
Sculpin are common in all the trout streams in
Yellowstone. It's one of the most important
items of trout food.
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