Fly Fishing The Lewis River:
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Cutthroat trout are found in the
lower part of the stream. This one
is probably the average size fish.
The Lewis River canyon is a tough
place to get into. The resident fish
are on the small side.
The Lewis River flows from Shoshone Lake through the Lewis River
Channel and into Lewis Lake.

Lewis Channel:
The Lewis Channel is three miles long. This is a fairly large stream.
The trout in the Lewis Channel are brown trout that average 15 to 20 inches
with some larger ones. There are also some lake trout in the channel.

This Lewis Channel is accessible by boat or from the Lewis River Trail that
you can access at the Dogshead Trailhead. The trailhead is located about
eight miles from the West Thumb on the South Entrance Road. It/s a three
mile hike to the channel.

Lewis Lake to Canyon Section:
The Lewis River flows from Lewis Lake over cascades upstream of the
Bridge at the South Entrance Road. Below the bridge, for the next two miles,
the Lewis River is smooth, slow flowing water.

Canyon Section:
The Lewis River then proceeds to fall into a deep canyon. This canyon
section is very difficult to access and for the most part contains only small
fish. It finally levels out to flow into the Snake River just inside the South Park

The fish in the upper part of this section of the river are brown trout and
brook trout. There are also a few lake trout. The browns average from 12 to
15 inches and larger and the brook trout average from 4 to 6 inches.
Fish in the lower canyon portion of the stream are brown trout, cutthroat trout
and whitefish. In the fall, brown trout will migrate out of Jackson Lake up the
Snake River and into the Lewis River up to the waterfalls. These spawning
brown trout are usually large ones.

At the right time of the season the Lewis Channel can be one of the better
trout fishing destinations in the park.

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The Lewis River in this section is a