Undine Falls: This view is from
the pull off area of the road.
Fly Fishing Lava Creek:
...............................................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Fishing Lava Creek for brook
trout near the Grand Loop Road.
The stream is easy to wade or
fish from the bank and can be a
lot of  fun.
Large Brook Trout Angie caught
fishing Lava Creek. Not all of
them are small.
Lava Creek, below Upper and Lower Undine Falls, lies in a deep canyon. This
part of the stream is full of huge boulders and fast pocket water. Above the
falls, the stream is mainly a pool, run and riffle type stream with a lot of timber
than has fallen into the stream. Its decline is much more moderate than the
lower portion of the stream.

You can access the upper part above the falls at the Undine Falls parking
area off the Grand Loop Road just over four miles from Mammoth. The Grand
Loop Road crosses Lava Creek about five miles from Mammoth and you can
fish in either direction from there.

To access the lower part, park at bridge on the Gardner River. The confluence
of Lava Creek and the Gardner River is a short distance downstream of the

Below the falls you will find cutthroats, cutbow, rainbows, browns and brook
trout. Above the falls the fish are all brook trout.

As you can see from the photos, the brook trout are not all small in the creek.
Angie has managed to catch some nice ones from Lava Creek.  It's a fun
place to stop and fish, especially if you have youngsters who want to learn to
fish. Actually, its as good place to teach anyone to fly fish for trout.

The stream can be conveniently accessed from the Grand Loop Road, so it
takes little effort to fish. Most of the time you will not see another angler there.
Most of them probably think it is too small and too convenient for there to be
any fish in the small creek..

We have found that many of the easy to access waters of Yellowstone are
often overlooked because of that false assumption. Because a stream is easy
to access, many anglers avoid them, thinking they have to get away from it all.
Lava Creek certainly has that option. Just fish below the falls and you will see
what I mean. To find anyone there would be unusual.
Copyright 2012 James Marsh
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