Flying Ants: It is impossible to
predict when someone may
encounter flying ants.
Grasshoppers are very plentiful
in some places in the park. All
of the streams that flow through
meadows have lots of
grasshoppers. They exist on
every stream in the park to
some extent.. You can catch
trout on them in the forest
sections of the streams.
The best time to fish the
hopper imitations is when the
wind is blowing hard. That is
not uncommon in the summer
The meadows are the best
areas to fish them. Remember
to stay back away from the
banks when you are fishing the
hopper. Thats where the fish
are looking for them to fall into
the water. We usually fish in an
upstream direction casting first
right against the bank and then
working the fly out on each
sequent cast a few feet at a
time. You can cover a lot of
water fast provided you make a
lot of short upstream cast. You
will know when the trout takes
you hopper imitation.
Flies: Terrestrial Imitations
...........................            .Fly Fishing the Yellowstone National Park
You would be hard pressed to
find any place in the park
didn't have plenty of ants. It is
one of the most important
species of terrestrials to imitate
in our opinion. .
Terrestrial imitations are choice flies during the
summer and fall seasons. This is something
that you do not want to be without. From about the
first of July until the end of the season, terrestrial
insects represent a large part of the trout's diet.
They are especially plentiful in the many
meadows sections of the streams.

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Flying Ants:
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Flying Ants, continued
When flying ants show up on a
stream, you will wish you had
an imitation because the trout
will eat them with delight. They
usually cover the water when
they do fall on a stream. These
were found on the Lewis River
on an August afternoon. They
started falling and the water
went crazy with trout eating
them off the surface. They were
rising to the ants as far as you
could see. We never knew the
Lewis River had so many trout.
We don't always do well in the
smoother parts of the stream
below the falls. This particular
day we caught them as fast as
we could cast. You never know
when this will happen. You just
have to be ready with imitations
when it does. Normally it is
during late summer or early
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We think our "Perfect Fly" Imitation is the
most realistic fly that you can purchase to
imitate these ants. Its wings are translucent
and its body is constructed in three parts like
the real ones, not two like most ant flies are
tied. Instead of just dubbing for legs, we use
six legs tied in that closely imitates the real
thing.  (continued other side)