Native Yellowstone Cutthroat
are simply beautiful. Their
basic brownish, gold colors are
underscored with yellow.  
Fishing Methods (How to Fly Fish Yellowstone National Park)
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Being successful is more often a matter of
using the right methods, strategies and
techniques than luck. As the saying goes,
"luck comes when opportunity meets
What Fly Should I Use?
This is the most frequently asked
question about fly-fishing
anywhere; however, it's not
always the most important one.
Presentation is usually equally
as important.
You will find that a few streams and situations
in the Yellowstone National Park may require
some fly-fishing methods that are a quite
different than those you may use at other
locations. On the other hand, most of these
methods are not very different from those used
to fish the headwaters of many other Eastern or
freestone streams. Contrary to that,
most of the methods are very different from
those used to fish tailwaters. There are no
dams in Yellowstone National Park. Eastern
anglers that are used to fishing spring creeks
may find some similar type waters in
Yellowstone but since the types of water vary
greatly in Yellowstone, the methods used to fly
fish these waters also varies greatly.
Methods of landing fish
vary with conditions and
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Strategies That Catch Trout
Caddisflies, especially the net
spinners, exist in large quantities
in Yellowstone. Other types such
as cased caddis  also exist in
fairly large quantities. This is one
place you definitely need to know
how to fish caddis hatches.
Mayflies of the clinger nymph
families are plentiful in
Rainbow Trout
usually require
slightly different
tactics than
other species of
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Top 85 Tips on Fly-fishing for Trout
Large Rivers such as the Yellowstone
River require different techniques and
methods than the small streams.
Releasing fish to make certain they
survive requires special consideration.