Brook trout are the only species
of trout we have found in this
Fly Fishing De Lacy Creek:
............................          Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
De Lacy Creek is very small at
this location near the Grand Loop
De Lacy Creek is a small stream that starts near the Continental Divide from the
De Lacy Lakes and flows into Shoshone Lake in the Southwest section of the
park. The portion of the stream from the Grand Loop Road to Shoshone Lake, a
distance of about three miles, has a population of brook trout that run from 4 to 9
inches in length.

The stream can be accessed from the De Lacy Creek Trail located  eight miles
east of Old Faithful on the Grand Loop Road. This trail follows the creek to
Shoeshone Lake, Yellowstone's largest backcountry lake.

The terrain along the creek consist of pine forest and meadows. The trail is not
on a steep gradient and is fairly easy to negotiate. It is about six miles to the
Lake. There are moose in this area.

This is a good stopping off point if you just want to catch a few trout in a relatively
short time that are fairly near the road. They are small brook trout but usually
easy to catch.

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