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Planning Your Trip To Yellowstone - Clothing
Yellowstone National Park lies in rugged mountain ranges of varying elevations.
The weather is different depending on where you are and even more
specifically at what elevation you are at any one time. The other big thing to
remember is that the weather can and does change in a heart beat.

The temperature in Yellowstone National Park will vary as much as fifty degrees
in the same day. This just doesn't happen once in a while. It happens often but
mostly in the Spring and Fall. It can also happen in the Summer, just not as
often. Most July days that you wake up in Yellowstone the temperature will be
about 39 degrees. That same day you may find the temperature reaches the
low 90's. This isn't rare. In fact it's rather normal. The high may reach near 100
degrees F. during the Summer. From April to mid June and from mid September
to November, you may find the temperature varies from twenty degrees to the
mid eighties.

Here is a list of clothing and other related items we recommend you
bring along with you:
A fleece or fleece lined jacket
A breathable raincoat
Heavyweight shirts
Lightweight fishing shirts
Heavy pants
Light weight pants
Light, Medium and Heavy Insulated Underwear, shirts and pants
Lightweight shoes
Hiking boots
Hiking socks
A pair of light walking shoes
Fingerless gloves
Heavy Gloves
Hat or Cap
Warm Headwear for very cold weather
Breathable Waders
Wading Boots
Neoprene Booties if you wet wade
Gravel Guards for wading boots
Wading Belt

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