Fly Fishing The Bechler River:
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The Bechler River lies in the Southwest corner of Yellowstone National Park. This section of the park is call "Cascade Corner".
The river starts with the confluence of three small streams - Phillips, Ferris and Gregg Forks. From the confluence of the small
streams it flows through a rugged canyon for about 5 miles. There are two major cascades in this section of the river.- Iris and
Below the Colonnade Falls, there is a meadow section of the river. Large rainbow trout can be taken for this part of the stream.
Although the average size of the trout is much smaller, rainbow trout over 20 inches long have be caught in the meadow section
upstream of Rocky Ford. In this area, the Bechler River runs through huge meadows with overhanging willow trees, deep pools
and undercut banks.

July and August are the best months to fish this section of Yellowstone Park if you want any insurance the weather is going to
be stable. During the months of September and October, the weather can range from great to heavy snowfall.  It is a hit or miss
time of the year.

Backcountry campsites are available along the Bechler River and they provide the best opportunities for fishing this stream.
This is bear country in an area of the park that's not inhibited by a lot of tourist. Only experienced campers, or campers that are
accompanied by those familiar with the Yellowstone backcountry should try this. Local fly fishing outfitters usually have a few
tips scheduled to fish this area during the prime time of the season..

The stream is accessible from highway #47, the Ashton-Flagg Ranch Road (Cave Falls Road) that's off Highway #20 near
Ashton, Idaho. The Fall River Campground lies just outside the park. The road continues to the Cave Falls Trailhead.
The lower end of the Bechler River can be accessed from the Cave Falls Trailhead. It's just under a half mile upstream to
where the Bechler flows into the Fall River.

The Bechler Meadows are best reached from the Bechler Ranger Station. The Bechler Ranger Station Road will take you to the
Ranger Station from the Cave Falls Road. From the Ranger Station, the Bechler Meadows Trail will take you to the river. It's
about a 3 and one-half mile hike to the meadows.

Boundary Creek:
Boundary Creek is a major tributary of the Bechler River. The creek is located almost 4 miles form the Bechler Ranger Station.
The Boundary Creek Trail will take you to the stream. Campgrounds are also located on Boundary Creek.

Below Dunanda Falls, for about 6 miles to where Boundary Creek flows into the Bechler River, the trout are mostly rainbows
with some cutthroat trout. This section of the stream is in the Bechler Meadows and is a smooth, slower flowing meadow
stream.  The fish in this area of Boundary Creek average 9 or 10 inches but there are some larger ones waiting to be hooked.

The Belcher River Meadows is a prime Yellowstone National Park fishing destination but the smooth flowing water of the
stream isn't exactly easy to fish. A lengthy hike is also required to reach the meadows. If your willing to put forth the effort and
your capable of fooling the trout in the meadow's smooth flowing water, it may be just the destination your looking for.

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