There are a few knots you will
need to know how to tie.
Beginners: (Those just getting started fly-fishing)
.......................              ...........Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park
Catch a small wild brown trout
like this and it only drives you to
try for a larger one.
Small Streams usually have
small fish but there are many
other factors fly fishing for trout.
The size of the fish is not always
one of the mos important.
Those fishing Yellow National Park that are just
getting started  may be surprised to learn that
much of the time,
catching the wild trout is not
all that difficult.

1.Hiding and sneaking up on trout the trout is a
big part of it. Trout spook very easy.

2. Being able to get your
fly to drift naturally or
what anglers call a "drag free drift" in turbulent
water with cross currents is another.

3. Casting in
windy conditions is another.

4. Being able to cast a fly a long distance is
usually not one of them. Short, pile, curve, roll
and other types of "
messed up" cast are

is not a requirement.

6. Having inside knowledge of secret fishing
holes is not a part of it.
Trout are abundant in
all of the streams in Yellowstone.  

7. Those new to fly-fishing for trout may also be
surprised to learn that the trout they are trying to
catch are
either native or wild trout that were
born in the streams. The trout are not stocked
trout from a hatchery.

Fly-fishing the park is not difficult. Once you
get the hang of a few basics techniques, you
should be able to catch a few trout.

9. Never forget that the experience of fly-fishing
should be
fun, peaceful and relaxing. Being
able to enjoy the day should be your first priority.

Copyright 2012 James Marsh
Beginers (Those Just Getting
Started Fly-fishing:
Tying on a Fly
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Knots and Rigging Techniques
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Thumbnails: Click on Image to enlarge
A beautiful morning on the Gallatin River:
Angie awaiting a Pale Morning Dun mayfly
Straight Fork Creek: Angie fishing for brook
trout. These smaller trout are fun, fairly easy
to catch and help you learn fast..
Practice Catch and Release: Angie about to
release a small brown trout.  Wet your hands
and what they touch before handling the trout.
Wade only when you need to: in this
scene James is able to cast his hopper fly
anywhere in the stream without wading
Beautiful Cinnamon Bear
Thumbnail: Click on Image to enlarge
Catching a native Yellowstone
Cutthroat Trout:
These trout
were stocked by God long ago.
Keep your distance from the
These large animals are
more dangerous than the bears.
They won't bother you if you simply
leave them alone. Each year more
people are hurt by bothering the
buffalo than by the bears. Very few
injuries are caused by either
animal. If you give the animals the
respect they deserve, your
chances of being stuck by
lightning are much greater than
injury from either bears or bison. .
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