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New Perfect Fly Midge Flies:

We have just received our first new "Perfect Fly" Midge Flies. The larva and pupa
stages of the midges come in three colors - light green, cream and red. The adults or
dry flies come in three colors - black, light green and cream. All of the midge flies are
available in hook sizes 20 and 22.

We have found that these basic shades of color covers about 95% of all the midge
larvae, pupae and adults we have found in trout streams in the United States. We have
taken samples from streams from spring creeks, freestone streams and tailwaters
throughout the nation during the past seven or eight years and this is the results.

Yellowstone Testing:
We have tested these flies, or variations of them, mostly in the Madison and Firehole
Rivers in Yellowstone National Park for the past three years. We have used them in
several other streams but not to any frequent extent. We have taken trout on all three
colors but cream seems to be the most effective color. In taking stream samples of the
bottom in many places along these two rivers, we have found that cream is the most
prevalent color. Even so, we have fished other colors we some success.

The most effective method we found was to use the pupa pattern dropped below a
smaller dry fly such as a foam hopper. When I say "dropped", I should probably say
"trailed" behind a dry fly. This makes it much easier to detect the takes. I will discuss
the details of using these flies during the next three days.

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