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New Perfect Fly Streamers

This is the time for the brown trout to start spawning. During this time they seem to
loose much of the caution and expose themselves much more than they normally
would. During this migration, the browns tend to become more aggressive in behavior.
They will attack small baitfish very aggressively. They don't have to be on their redds
to do this. They will do this anytime a small fish crosses their path as they move
upstream. Just so I don't get misunderstood, I will mention that I do not fish for the
browns after they have settled on their redds and begin to spawn even though it is
legal to do so. Bothering the male or female during this time is
unsportsmanlike in my opinion. It does adversely affect the spawning activity.

This is the "perfect" time to introduce several of our new
"Perfect Fly Streamers"
that just arrived. If you will click on the link you will see that there are (19) nineteen
streamers available, some of which are improved modifications of older patterns
and some that I developed from scratch.

Each day I will provide the details of each fly - what it is made of, when, where and
how it should be fished, what it imitates, and other details about the streamers. We
have lots of other new flies to post on the Perfect Fly Site. We wanted to get the
streamers available first because of the season.

We also have our new line of Midge pupae, larvae and adults in stock and they will
be posted in a day or two. So will (12) of our new "Perfect Caddisfly Pupae" flies.
In addition we have just received the remaining flies that completes our Perfect
Mayfly selection for all the species in all stages of life applicable to trout fishing.
They will also be posted and available this week.

Our new
"Perfect Saltwater Flies" are also being posted and will be available to
order within a day or so. These links will show you most of the
Perfect Flats Flies;
Perfect Inshore Flies and the Perfect Offshore Flies.

In addition, we have a complete new line of
"Perfect Warm Water Flies" These links
will show you our
New Bass Mouse/Rat Imitations, New Bass Minnow Imitations,
New Snake Imitation, and New Frog Imitations for bass. All of these will be
available this week.

We didn't leave out the bream and panfish anglers. Check out our New Perfect
Bream/Panfish Frog flies,
Bream/Panfish Minnow Flies,
Bream/Panfish Nymph Flies.
They will be available in a day or two.

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