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Fishing the Morman Cricket Fly

A few years ago I stopped by Blue Ribbon Flies in West Yellowstone and happened to
make a rare catch of Craig Mathews. I was headed for the Northeast section for a week
and would be staying in Cook City so I thought I had better make sure I had the right
flies. The shop was busy as usual but he was gathering me some flies that he
recommended I take along. I was just watching and saying okay to two or three of each
one until he picked up a huge cricket looking thing. I had seen the huge Mormon
crickets in the park before but it didn't register at the time what the fly was intended to
imitate. This is a number 6 hook fly. I ask him something to the effect of what it was for
or something similar and he just looked me straight in the eye and  replied, "Just tie it
on and throw it". I said okay. Now he is normally not short with his explanation but he
was busy and that was enough said for me.
Our first stop was lower Slough Creek. I didn't see anything eating on the surface and
couldn't help but see the huge Cricket flies in my little pack he put together because
they hid all the others. I tied one on thinking that I would eliminate it very quickly. I even
told Angie who was running the camera that I was going to fish the stupid fly just
because he said to do so. The very first cast I caught about a twelve inch long
cutthroat. Of course that isn't a large one for Slough Creek by any means but I was  
amazed the small fish consumed the big fly. Well, in the next two hours I managed to
catch at least a dozen or more trout on it  a couple of which were nice size trout.
Later some mayflies began to hatch and i changed flies. Since that time I have caught
many more fish on the same fly. I have never fished it anywhere but Slough, Lamar and
Soda Butte and I really don't know why I haven't. It is just amazing that it is so huge yet
it attracts fish of all sizes.
I don't like promoting anyone's flies but my own but I cannot help but to point this out to
you. If you are in the North East section, and probably other places I haven't tried it,
just tie on Craig's #6 Morman cricket and throw it in the water and you will probably be
just as surprised as I was.

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