Pale Evening Duns
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Pale Evening Duns

Something interesting about the Pale Evening Dun is that the duns have two tails
although the nymphs have three. Their heads remain in a flat, wide shape, like the
As we said, the trout do take the duns since they can remain on the water a
reasonable amount of time.

In pocket water, fish the dun imitations in the quite water along the edges of the stream
and in the pockets.  In the smooth water of some fast flowing streams like the
Yellowstone River, It is best to watch for trout taking the duns and fishing to individual
fish. Trout are very spooky in the shallow water these duns are normally found in.
This usually requires long 5X or 6X tippets that are presented very delicately. This is
technical fishing in many cases.

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