Western Ginger Quill and Dark Red Quill Spinners
.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

Spinner falls are not thought to be very important but if spinners are falling there is one
thing for sure - the trout will eat them. If you don't have an imitation of them you will
probably wish you did. They are thought not to be important because they don't usually
occur in heavy concentrations.
The spinners fall over the same water they hatch from, that is the calmer pockets and
slower water immediately adjacent to the fast water in pocket water streams. The spent
spinners will collect downstream of riffles and runs in the slow moving water.

Use an upstream or an up and across approach and fish the slower moving areas of
pockets water. The water downstream below riffles and runs and current eddies where
the spinners collect may produce.  

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