Western Ginger Quill and Dark Red Quill Nymphs
.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

The three tailed clinger nymphs are a reddish brown color but because they are clinger
nymphs that stay hidden under rocks most of the time, they are not generally readily
available for trout. They migrate to slower moving water adjacent to their fast water
habitat prior to emerging and it is during this time they are prime targets for trout.
The ramaleyi species or Dark Red Quill nymphs are more of a darker red than the
Western Ginger Quill nymphs or
reticulata species. The exact colors of the nymphs
and other stages of these two species along with the fly patterns that imitate them will
be provided soon.

Imitations can be fished right on the bottom using a heavy weighted imitation but this is
usually not very effective until just prior to the hatch. Remember, you cannot use lead
in Yellowstone National Park. You must use a non-toxic weight of which there are
several version of made for fly fishing.

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Western Ginger Quill and Dark Red Quill Emergers

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