Western Ginger Quills and Dark Red Quills
.............................Fly Fishing Yellowstone National Park

The Heptageniidae family of mayflies includes the
Cinygmula genus that has some
species that are important on a few fast water freestone streams in Yellowstone
National Park.
reticulata species, called the Western Ginger Quill, is found in a few streams.
ramaleyi species or Dark Red Quills are found in a few streams. Nymphs and duns
and are reddish brown with a solid yellow wings.
In the coming articles we will provide some information on fishing these two hatches.
Remember, as we have said before, an “important” species is a species that is
hatching when you are there trying to catch trout. If you are on one of the streams
where the
Cinygmula species are hatching, it will most likely be very important to you
so we are including them in our coverage of aquatic insects found in the park.

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Western Ginger Quill and Dark Red Quill Nymphs

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