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June 3, 2018
Yellowstone Fly Fishing Report:
The 2018 Fishing Season For Yellowstone
National Park Is Underway

National Park Streams:
The fishing season opened last Saturday. The first week took place similar to the
past several years. As usual, the Madison River drainage is the place to be. This is
the lower Gibbon River, Madison River and the Firehole River and tributaries. The
runoff is a good one this year and the stream levels are still high but falling. The
clarity of the water in the Madison is stained but clearing as the days pass. The
Firehole is clearer. There are some good hatches taking place and should
increase as the water warms and clears.

All the other river inside the park are very high and will remain high for several
more days. This is our current forecast and current report for all the stream within
the park. This is subject to change some, depending on the weather.
Firehole River: High but clear now, but in good enough shape to provide some
good dry fly fishing.
Lower Gibbon including the canyon below the falls and the meadows to the
Madison: It is still high and dingy but trout can be caught. It will be mostly streamer
and nymph fishing for a week or so more.
Upper Gibbon: It is still too high and dingy in the meadow and all the way to the
Snake River: We estimate the first to the second week of July.
Lewis River: We estimate about the second or third week of June, it should be
clear enough and low enough to fish.

The Yellowstone River above Yellowstone Lake:
The season is closed until
The Yellowstone River in the Grand Canyon: I will be muddy and high until and
not ready to fish well until at least the first of July.
The Yellowstone River in the Black Canyon: It is currently extremely high and
muddy and will likely to from July first to the 10th before it is in good shape.
Lamar River: We expect it to be about the 10th of July or a week later before
clearing and dropping.
Soda Butte Creek: This one will be about the same time as the Lamar or the 10th
of July to a week later.
Lamar above the high Bridge: The small streams feeding the upper river, like
Winter creek, should be clear around the first of July. The river itself will probably
be dingy and high until the first to second week of July.
Lamar River below the high bridge to the Yellowstone River: We estimate
the second week of July.
Gallatin River: We think it will be the first to second week of July before it gets into
good shape.

Let us help you plan your 2016 Yellowstone Country fly fishing adventure. Just give
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to stay and the best streams and lakes you can fish based on the time and your
experience and preferences.

Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park: These
still have open seasons in many sections of the rivers.

Madison River (from Hebgen Lake to Ennis):
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Yellowstone River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Gallatin River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Shoshone River, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

South Fork of the Snake River, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Ruby River, Montana:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Henry's Fork Snake River, Idaho:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report
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3. Call or email us with a budget for
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