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September 30, 2016

Yellowstone National Park & Surrounding
Waters Fishing Report:
As usual a this time of the season, the Madison Valley area is getting in good
shape. The Madison, Firehole and Gibbon Rivers are prime destinations. The
Northeastern Corner of the park is still in good shape. The Southeastern and
South western sections are also in good shape.

National Park Streams:
(See streams outside the park at the bottom of the page)

Firehole River:
The Firehole River is back in good shape in all sections. It will be a prime
destination until the season closes.

Gibbon River:
The lower section of the Gibbon River (below the falls) is in good shape again. The
upper Gibbon River, above the falls, is also in good shape.

Madison River:
The Madison River (in the park), is the most popular destination in the park at this
time. Trout are migrating out of Hebgen Lake into the river and some are already
as far upstream as the Firehole Canyon and lower Gibbons.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin River is okay to fish but there are many better destinations to fish at
this time.

Yellowstone River (Canyon Sections):
The Yellowstone Canyon, below Yellowstone Falls throughout the Black Canyon to
Gardiner is still in good shape.

Gardner River
The entire river, including the headwaters are in good shape. The lower river is a
popular destination at this time. Browns can move out of the Yellowstone and into
the lower river to look for spawning areas.

Yellowstone River Above Yellowstone Lake and below the Lake to the
Yellowstone Falls.
The section above the lake will be getting a little too cold but the section from the
lake to the Yellowstone canyon will be in good shape,

Slough Creek:
Slough Creek is still in good condition.

Soda Butte Creek:
The lower and middle sections of Soda Butte Creek are still producing well. The
trout have seen a few flies and people casting them the last month, so they are not
pushovers. Stay hidden and you still have a good chance of catching them.

Lamar River:
The Lamar River is currently in good conditon. Heavy rain in the headwaters can
always mess it up for a day or two, but it usually clears pretty fast.

Lewis River:
The River is still in good shape. The Lewis River channel is always a popular
location at this time thanks to pre-spawn trout. The section below the falls (Lewis
Canyon) is a good choice but takes some tough hiking to get to the best water. You
will probably have it to fish by yourself.

Snake River:
The Snake River is in good shape..The smooth sections of water are not so easy
to fish. You have to stay hidden and make good presentations but you can catch
some good fish.

Bechler River:
The Bechler River of the Cascade Corner of the park is still in good shape. It is less
fished than many streams in the park but has some very nice size trout. It takes a
little effort to reach but is one of the most overlooked streams in the park. It can get
cold the first part of October.

Fall River:
The Fall River of the Cascade Corner of the park is still in good shape. It can be a
good choice for those who want more adventure and solitude..

Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park:
Madison River (from Hebgen Lake to Ennis):
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Yellowstone River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Gallatin River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Henry's Fork Snake River Idaho:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report
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