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January 25, 2016
Planning your 2016 Yellowstone Fly Fishing

National Park Streams:
You can't plan a fly fishing trip to Yellowstone Country too early, but it is easy to
wait until it is too late. The National Park is a very popular destination for not only
fly fishing, but many other types of activities. People come from all over he World
general sight seeing, to see the animals,camping, photography, hiking,
backpacking and many other activities. Hotels, motels, cabins, campgrounds, both
in and outside the park, can fill up during the prime times very early.

Hotels, Motels, Lodges, Resorts, Cabins, Campgrounds
Please understand that we don't have any interest in any facilities at Yellowstone,
and don't receive a cent of compensation from anyone that does, we do help
anglers plan their trips anyway we can. We are always will to make suggestions as
to where to stay and/or when to fish a given area of the park. We do not charge
this and we don't get any kickbacks or compensation of any kind for it. Many are
unaware that if you book a place to stay on one side of the park and want to fish a
stream that happens to be on the other side, it may take you over four hours or
even more to drive there and the same time to return. It is best to do the reverse of
that and decide on the streams and then book the places to stay.

Where to stay in relationship to the best fishing locations
Each year we have several anglers call or send email asking for information on
streams they want to fish within a certain time frame, only to discover it is too early
in the season and that the streams are far too cold. It is very common for us to
discover that we discover anglers have reservations on the opposite side of the
park from where the preferred locations for them to fish existed. The speed limits is
not over 45 mph anywhere in the park. Buffalo jams and just plain tourist traffic can
make it almost impossible for one to cross the park during daylight hours in time to
fish. Driving through the park at night is dangerous. People frequently hit animals
such as elk and buffalo. When that happens, they usually get the worse of it, not
the animals, but both suffer. The park isn't a good place to have an accident. It
may take hours for you to be rescued. I'm not saying you cannot drive in the park
at night. I am saying it can be dangerous, especially in the remote sections.

We have had customers try to book a campsite near fishing bridge, so they could
fish the Yellowstone River before the river was even open for fishing, which is July
15th, much later than most other sections. There are areas of streams and some
complete streams that are restricted for wildlife at certain times. Ever year we have
anglers book a place to stay in Gardiner, or Cook City, or near the West or South
entranced outside the park during the first of the month of June, when the only
water that provided much opportunity to catch trout is the Firehole and Madison
Rivers, many miles away. The people booking your reservation aren't going to tell
you that, and probably don't even know. It is common for anglers to book a place in
West Yellowstone who plan on fishing Slough Creek, or the Lamar River,
completely on the opposite side of the park. We can help you decide the best
location for your stay based on the type of fishing you want to do, and the time of
the season you plan on fishing. If your flexible as to the time of your trip, we can
select the best times to fish streams that will provide the best opportunities for you
to be successful, and provide information so you can reserve a campsite or place
to stay nearby.

Yellowstone Country (Region)
Our recommendations apply to the entire Yellowstone Region, not just the park.
There are a lot of other trout streams nearby that are outside of the park, again,
depending on where you stay. Some of the major larger streams outside the park
are the Gallatin, Madison, Henry's Fork of the Snake, Teton, Snake near Jackson,
Shoshone, Yellowstone, and many others. We have separate websites pages on all
these streams linked below.

Gear, Equipment and Trout Flies:
We will also make sure you have the right kind of gear and equipment for the
streams you want to fish, as well as provide you with a list of recommended flies for
any of the streams at any given time frame. We base this on having taken samples
using professional entomology equipment of the food including the aquatic insects
in all the streams in the park, at various times of the season over a period of
several years. Fly recommendations are based on the most available and plentiful
food for the trout at the particular time and place you fish, not a trial and error
basis or what Joe Blow caught fish on the week before. Our suggestions are based
on the time of the month, water temperatures, weather history and its affect on
water temperature, weather forecast, hatch charts we have developed, and other
factors we have in our huge data base. We also happen to be the only company in
the World with specific imitations (flies) of all of the important aquatic insects in all
stages of life applicable to fishing.

Do You Need A Fly Fishing Guide?
If your plan on fishing inside the Yellowstone National Park and you have fly fishing
for trout anywhere else in the world, you shouldn't need a guide. The streams are
easy to access and easy to fish. If you have never fly fished before, you may want
to consider hiring one. Drift boats are not allowed inside the Yellowstone National

If you fish the rivers outside the park and you have fly fished anywhere in the world,
you probably don't need a guide. If you want to fish from a boat drift boat and/or
want to hire a guide, we will be glad to help you. If you want to make a backcountry
fly fishing and camping horseback trip, we will help you set that up with a reliable
outfitter. We do not guide and we do not  receive any compensation or kickback
from any we recommend. We only recommend outfitters and guides that we are
very familiar with.

Let us help you plan your 2016 Yellowstone Country fly fishing adventure. Just give
us a call anytime at
800 - 594 - 4726, or drop us an email at
sales@perfectflystore.com, and we will help you anyway we can. We can set
you up with everything you need and recommend the best times and places for you
to stay and the best streams and lakes you can fish based on the time and your
experience and preferences.

Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park: These
still have open seasons in many sections of the rivers.

Madison River (from Hebgen Lake to Ennis):
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Yellowstone River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Gallatin River (Outside the Park)
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Shoshone River, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Snake River near Jackson, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

South Fork of the Snake River, Wyoming:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Ruby River, Montana:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report

Henry's Fork Snake River, Idaho:
Weekly Updated Fishing Report
Options For Selecting Flies:

1. Email us at  
sales@perfectflystore.com with the
dates you will be fishing Yellowstone
Country and we will send you a list of
our fly suggestions. Please allow up to
24 hours for a response.

2. Call us at 800-594-4726 and we will
help you decide which flies you need.

3. Call or email us with a budget for
flies and we will select them and get
them to you in time for your trip.

Shipping is free in the U. S. Orders
over $50 are shipped Priority Mail.  
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