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September 14, 2015
Yellowstone Country Fishing Report and
Surrounding Waters:

National Park Streams:
(See streams outside the park at the bottom of the page)

Firehole River:
The Firehole River has finally cooled down and in great shape. This is one of the
best places in the park to fish now and until the end of the season. There are
plenty of Blue-winged olives, Spotted Sedges, White Millers and Mahogany duns.

Gibbon River:
Pre-spawn brown trout moving out of Hebgen Lake through the Madison River will
be in he lower section of the Gibbon River (below the falls) downstream to the
meadows until the end of the season. The upper Gibbon River (above the falls) is
okay right now, but won't last much longer.

Madison River:
The Madison River (in the park) is one of the best places to fish for the remainer of
the season. Large brown trout have started moving out of Hebgen Lake into the
river to spawn later on in October and November, and rainbows will follow them.
Hatches include Blue-winged olives, Spotted Sedges, White Millers and Mahogany
duns. Streamers that imitate sculpin will take the migrating browns and rainbows.
The fish move upstream mostly at night and hold in the deeper pools and runs
during the daytime. It can get crowded in places like the Barn Hole.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin about through giving up fish for the season. It is one of the first
streams to get cold and at this time of the season, quite frankly, you can find much
better water to fish. You can still catch trout in the Gallatin, but why go to the extra

Gardner River
The Gardner River is in great shape. Brown trout will soon be moving out of the
Yellowstone River into the Gardner to spawn. Hatches include some remaining Pale
Evening Duns, lots of October Caddis, Spotted Sedges and a few other insects. If
your after big trout, streamers may be your best bet from now to the end of the
season. Terrestrials will also work for a few more days, usually until the first frost.

Yellowstone River (Canyon Section):
The water is in pretty good shape and clear. You will still be able to catch trout until
the end of the season, provided it stays clear. Watch the stream levels.

Yellowstone River (Black Canyon):
Hatches in the Black Canyon include Spotted Sedges, Green Sedges, Pale
Evening Duns, and a few other insects. October Caddis are normally your best bet
.in the near future. Within another few days, you could begin to see some October

Yellowstone River Above Yellowstone Lake and below the Lake to the
Yellowstone Falls.
I wouldn't waste my time in this section of the river. It is about done for the season.
There may be a few more days you can catch some trout but there's much better
water to fish.

Lamar River:
The Lamar River has been beat to death in its lower end where the road follows
along closely. It will still produce trout as long as the stream levels stay in good
shape. It will usually remain in good shape for most of the month of September.
Hatches include Spotted Sedges, Little Yellow Stoneflies, and a fall hatch of March
Browns. Ants and beetles are always worth imitating.

Soda Butte Creek:
This perfect small stream should still be in good shape with some fish still being
caught, but those in the meadows will be more difficult to catch than they have
been. The upper section above Ice Box Canyon will still be in good shape but the
cutts will average a smaller size. You can fish Soda Butte far upstream of the Ice
Box canyon. The higher you go, the better the fishing.

Slough Creek:
The Post Card picture perfect creek will still be in good shape, but it has seen a lot
of pressure during the past two months. There are better places to fish to catch
numbers. It's still a good choice for large trout but it won't last much longer.

Lewis River:
The upper Lewis River is in good shape and right now is a good time to fish it. Few
anglers go to the trouble to hike up to the Lewis. Large browns will be moving out
of the lake into the Lewis channel and it will be a hot spot for the remained of the
season. This is a sleeper that mostly local anglers only know about.

Snake River:
The Snake River will also see some large browns moving up river to spawn from
the lake but quite frankly, the Lewis channel would be a better choice It does have
the advantage of fewer anglers.

Bechler River:
The Bechler River of the Cascade Corner of the park should still be okay, but will
soon be done for the year.

Fall River:
Like the Bechler, the Fall River of the Cascade Corner of the park is in good shape
but again, that won't last long. It will be getting very cold soon.

Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park:
Madison River (from Hebgen Lake to Ennis):
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Yellowstone River (Outside the Park)
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Gallatin River (Outside the Park)
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Henry's Fork Snake River Idaho:
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