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Planning Your 2015 Yellowstone National
Park Fly Fishing Trip

It is never too early, but often too late, to plan a fishing trip, especially one to
Yellowstone National Park, a highly popular destination for not only fly fishing. but
many other types of activities from general sight seeing to hiking. Hotels, motels,
cabins, campground can fill up during the prime time very early. While we don't
have any interest in any of these types of facilities, we are always willing to help
anglers plan their trips by making suggestions as to where to stay and/or when to
fish a given area of the park.  We do not charge anything for it and we don't get
any kickbacks or compensation of any kind for it. We make sure anglers have the
right gear and equipment for the type of fishing they want to do and the time and
place they want to do it. This applies to the entire Yellowstone Region, not just the

Consider this. Last year we had several anglers calling or sending us email asking
for information on streams they wanted to fish on certain dates, only to discover the
streams they wanted to fish were still far too cold. We often find out anglers have
reservations on the opposite side of the park from where the preferred locations for
them to fish existed. Buffalo jams and just plain tourist traffic can make it almost
impossible for one to cross the park during daylight hours in time to fish. Driving
through the park at night, can be a dangerous. People frequently hit animals such
as elk.

For example, we had a customer book a campsite near fishing bridge, so he could
fish the Yellowstone River before the river was even open for fishing. When he
tried to change locations, he found the closest sites to the best fishing were
already booked. We had another angler book a cabin in Gardiner the first of the
month of June, when the only water that provided much of a opportunity to catch
trout was the Firehole and Madison Rivers, miles away.

We can help you decide the best location for your stay based on the type of fishing
you want to do, and the time of the season you plan on fishing. If your flexible as to
the time of your trip, we can select streams that will provide the best opportunities
for you to be successful, and help you reserve a campsite or place to stay nearby.
We can also make sure you have the right kind of gear and equipment for the
streams you want to fish as well as provide you with a list of recommended flies for
any of the streams at any given time frame. We base this on having taken samples
using professional entomology equipment of the food including the aquatic insects
in all the streams in the park, at various times of the season over a period of
several years. Fly recommendations are based on the most available and plentiful
food for the trout at the particular time and place you fish, not a trial and error
basis or what Joe Blow caught fish on the week before. Our suggestions are based
on the time of the month, water temperatures, weather history and its affect on
water temperature, weather forecast, hatch charts we have developed, and other
factors we have in our huge data base. We also happen to be the only company in
the World with specific imitations (flies) of all of the important aquatic insects in all
stages of life applicable to fishing.

Let us help you plan your 2015 Yellowstone Country fly fishing adventure. Just give
us a call anytime at
800 - 594 - 4726, or drop us an email at
sales@perfectflystore.com, and we will help you anyway we can. We can set
you up with everything you need and recommend the best times and places for you
to stay and the best streams and lakes you can fish based on the time and your
experience and preferences.
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