Speckle-wing Quills:
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Speckle-wing Quills: (Callibaetis species) Emergers

Callibaetis nymphs hatch during the warmest part of the day in the early part of the
season and late fall. During the hot summer, they hatch during the late morning hours.
Hatches usually last one or two hours in bright light conditions to three or four hours
during overcast or cloudy days. When they are ready to emerge, the nymphs swim to
the surface, split the nymphal skin and fly away quickly.
These hatch times will vary greatly from one section of the park to another depending
on the snow pack for the previous winter and the elevation of the lake or stream. You
want to use the emerger imitations starting when the nymphs first begin to hatch.

Use an intermediate sinking or sinking line and a long leader, again, depending on the
water clarity. In shallow water you may prefer to use a floating line with a long leader
and tippet. The emerger imitation of the nymph should be allowed to sink to just above
the weed beds or bottom and then slowly retrieved to the surface.

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