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June 17, 2014, Fly Fishing Report
Yellowstone National Park and Surrounding

Streams Inside Yellowstone National Park:
(See streams outside the park at the bottom of the page)

Firehole River:
The Firehole River has been the best place to be fishing in the park since opening
day. The flows have been high at times, but clear enough to fish and those that
know the river well, have been doing well. There are a lot of aquatic  insects
including Short-horned Sedges, White Millers, Green Sedges and Spotted Sedges.
The Pale Morning duns have started to hatch and the old faithful Blue-winged
Olives have been available for the trout to eat since opening day. You may hear
little about them but March Browns and Mahogany Duns are also hatching is
isolated areas of the river. Little Yellow stoneflies should start hatching any time
now, if not already. Salmonflies have started hatching in the Firehole Canyon and it
won't be long before the Golden Stoneflies follow them.

Gibbon River:
The lower section of the Gibbon River (below the falls) has cleared up. Near the
Junction, you can expect many of the same insects to appear as listed above on
the Firehole. The upper Gibbon River, above the falls is coming into shape. Fish
are being caught all the way up to the meadows. The meadows and areas in and
above the Norris Geyser Basin will be a few more days warming up enough to fish

Madison River:
The Madison River (in the park), is in good shape. It has been a little high but
anglers are catching trout. You can expect the same aquatic insects to be available
for the trout as mentioned above for the Firehole. Salmonflies have started
hatching and any day now, Golden Stoneflies, will begin to emerge. White Millers,
Short-horned Caddis, and Spotted sedges are there now. Look for the Madison to
be a good place to fish for the remainder of the month.

Gallatin River:
The Gallatin is usually in good shape by the first of July but we expect it to be just a
little late this year. My best guess is the first to the second week of July, but maybe
sooner. It is always a cold river and with a good snow pack this year. We will keep
you updated.

Yellowstone River (Canyon Section):
Water from Yellowstone Lake usually keeps the river fairly clear down to the Lamar
River confluence. My best guess would be July first this year. I'm basing that on the
big snow pack. We will keep you updated.

Gardner River (Above Osprey Falls):
Our best guess is that it will be about the end of the first week of July before this
section of the Gardner gets into good shape.

Gardner River (Below Osprey Falls to Gardiner):
The River is still high and dirty from runoff and will probably be that way until at
least the second or third week of June, maybe later.

Yellowstone River (Black Canyon):
Normally by July the first the river is getting into good shape but expect it to be a
week or two later this year due to the heavy snow pack and water coming from the
Lamar which drains a very high range of mountains. We will keep you updated.

Yellowstone River Above Yellowstone Lake and below he Lake to the
Yellowstone Falls.
Closed until July 15th

Slough Creek:
Normally you would look for Slough creek to be ready around the first of July. I
wouldn't count on it this year. It could be a week or two late clearing up this year
due to the excellent snow pack.  

Soda Butte Creek:
Normally, it is ready to fish by the first of July but again, I think this year it will be a
week or so late.

Lamar River:
This is the last stream in the park to clear and could be in bad shape until the
middle of July. Heavy July thunderstorms can foul it up even after the middle of July.

Lewis River:
The River has cleared up below Lewis Lake. A couple of anglers have reported the
fishing has been good for the past week. The section below the falls (Lewis
Canyon) will be a little later than that. Pale Morning Duns, Gray Drakes, BWOs,
Spotted Sedges, Green Sedges are the main hatches taking place.  

Snake River:
My best guess is it will be at least the middle of July before the Snake River is
fishable inside the park.

Bechler River:
The Bechler River of the Cascade Corner of the park is always late clearing. My
best guess in the middle to the third week of July.

Fall River:
The Fall River of the Cascade Corner of the park is always late clearing.  My best
guess is it will be the middle to the third week of July before it is suitable to fish.

Streams Outside Yellowstone National Park:
Madison River (from Hebgen Lake to Ennis):
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Yellowstone River (Outside the Park)
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Gallatin River (Outside the Park)
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Henry's Fork Snake River Idaho:
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