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Help Planning Your 2014 Fly Fishing
Trip To Yellowstone National Park
A series of articles to help those planning a fly fishing trip to
Yellowstone National Park.  

Part 9 - The 2014 Fishing Season - What To Expect
In this article I will describe the conditions I expect for the various streams
in the park this coming season. There is a very good snow pack this year
and the melting of it, or the runoff, generally determines when the various
streams become fishable. Plenty of snow usually equates to plenty of
water and good fishing conditions.

I will start with the streams that should clear up and become fishable first
and continue with those that will clear later as the season progresses.

Firehole River:
The Firehole is usually the first of the many streams within the park to get
into good shape for fishing. Some season opens with off colored water in
the Firehole, but that isn't usually the case. If the snow pack is a little late
melting, it is sometimes stained, or slightly muddy the first few days of the
season, but this is usually the exception rather than the case. It is usually
in good shape opening day. Many anglers plan their trips around fishing
this great stream close to the Memorial Day weekend.

The Firehole River usually remain in good shape until about the middle of
July at which time the water usually begins to get a little too warm. I should
also point out that heavy rainfall during the first few days of the opening
season can melt the remaining snow rapidly and create a muddy
Firehole, but again, this isn't normally the case.

Madison River:
You can count of the Madison (inside the park) becoming fishable within
the first week or June. This is assuming the snow pack melts on a normal
basis. Again, variations in the melting of the snow pack can vary this, but
usually the Madison is in good shape between the first of June and the
middle of June.

Gibbon River:
Like the Madison, the Gibbon River usually becomes fishable during the
first two weeks of June, again, depending on the melting of the snowpack
in the higher elevations around the Madison Valley.  Like the Firehole,
the lower section of the Gibbon River downstream of the Norris Geysers,
usually gets a little too warm around the middle to July, but some times it
is fishable into early August. You can fish the Gibbon above the Norris
Basin throughout the summer months: however, it is usually around the
end of June before it gets into good shape.
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