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Where to Fish When The Season First
A series of articles to help those planning a fly fishing trip to
Yellowstone National Park.  

Part 7 - Fly Fishing At The Season Opening
The Yellowstone Fly Fishing season will open the Saturday of Memorial
Day Weekend. This will be May 24th, this year. The 'May' fishing season
is a short one. Those that fish the season opening should know the
options as "where to fish" is alway limited.

I'll put it this way, if any stream in the park can be fished on opening day,
and it is a good bet you will be able to do so, it  will be the Firehole River.
There are usually only a few options. Most of the streams in the park will
be too cold. The Firehole River has its own heat supply. It is warmed by
the geysers almost always makes it a top choice stream to fish at the
opening of the season. It is often highly possible to catch trout on the dry
fly from the very first day of the season. Weather is always a big factor
and nothing can be taken for granted. Even when the weather is very
cold, trout in the Firehole are usually not adversely affected.

The next most likely river to get into the full swing of hatches and great
fishing at the opening of the season is the Madison River. It is formed by
the Gibbon and the Firehole and of course, receives the warm water from
the Firehole and to some extent, the geyser warmed water from the lower

Another reason the Madison drainage gets an early start compared to
many of the park's streams is the fact that the mountains surrounding its
drainage area are at a lower elevation

On the Firehole, Pale Morning Duns and
Baetis mayflies will probably be
hatching when the season opens. White Miller caddisflies should start
hatching if they are not already hatching. Another smaller caddisfly, the
Speckled Peter should also begin to hatch by the first of June if
not already hatching when the season opens.

It is possible the Little Black Caddis, often called the Mother's Day hatch
could still be in progress at the opening of the season but it may also be
finished for another year. That's difficult to pinpoint.  

There are many anglers who look forward to the Blue-winged Olive
hatches (
baetis) at the first of the season. It can be first class.
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