Speckle-wing Quills:
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Speckle-wing Quills: (Callibaetis species) Nymphs

The Calibaetis nymphs are swimmer nymphs that swim in and around vegetation. They
also crawl along the bottom. Trout take them from the time they hatch from eggs to the
time they emerge. Imitations of the nymphs will take trout throughout the fishing season.
Although we do not cover lakes as such with the site, we are going to provide some
information on fishing the many lakes in Yellowstone National Park simply because they
offer excellent fishing and many anglers enjoy fishing them along with the streams.
Most all of the lakes in Yellowstone have speckle-wing quills. I say that because I have
found them on many of the lakes in the park in different sections of the park. In many
cases, we have found them in very dense populations. We have caught trout only on a
few occasions on nymph imitations but that is because we have fished them only a few
times. The few times we have, we have caught trout.

In deep clear lakes with deep week beds, use a long leader with a two or three foot
long tippet, and a sinking or intermediate sinking line. In shallow water, weeds beds,
you can use a floating line with a long leader and tippet. Unless you are fishing from a
float tube or boat, you are most likely going to be fishing shallow water week beds. The
clearer the water, the longer your leader and tippet should be.
Allow the nymph to sink and use a hand twist type retrieve. The retrieve should be slow
and steady. Work the fly just off the bottom unless you are getting the fly caught in the
weeds. In the Madison and other rivers where these mayflies exist, you can get by with
a much shorter leader and tippet.

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